Donation Impact 2022

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Your Donations, Our Impact: How Your Support is Making a Difference at the Hyatt Mosque and Centre

We are committed to being transparent with our donors about how their contributions are being used to improve our facilities and services.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have been dedicated to serving the growing Muslim community in the east end of London. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to make significant progress in our restoration and renovation projects, ensuring that our facilities are up-to-date and safe for our community members.

To better serve our community, we have set several goals and projects, including building restorations, kitchen renovations, and learning and education initiatives. These projects are aimed at improving the quality of our services and facilities, and ensuring that we can continue to provide a welcoming and safe environment for our community members.

In 2022, we hosted our first annual fundraising dinner, which raised a total of $240,000. We immediately began using these funds to start repairs to the building’s exterior, including replacing the roof and restoring the brickwork. We also repainted the stained-glass moldings and installed new tiles in the classrooms.

The total cost of the roof replacement was $130,000, while the brick restorations cost $95,000. We have ensured that every penny of these funds was put to good use, with quality materials and skilled labor being used to complete the projects to a high standard.

Our commitment to transparency means that we will continue to keep our donors informed about how their contributions are being used. We are still in need of additional funds to complete the interior restorations, including classrooms, washrooms, the upper hall, and the kitchen renovation. We are confident that with your continued support, we can achieve these goals and continue to provide our community with the quality services and facilities they deserve.

We thank our donors for their continued support and generosity. Your contributions are vital to the continued success of the Hyatt Mosque and Centre, and we promise to use them wisely and effectively. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of our community members.

Detailed Breakdown

Category Details
Funds raised from fundraising: $134,183 in donations + $55,000 + $50,000 in cheques = $239,183
Total pledges: $290,000, but a pledge for $50,000 did not materialize.
Utilization of funds: $130,000 spent on roof replacement
$95,000 spent on brick restorations
The remaining amount collected, i.e., $239,183 - ($130,000 + $95,000) = $14,183, was spent on interior restorations.
The interior restorations were carried out, as listed below in detail:
Getting rid of debris: Load a truck with debris for removal
Cost: $0 (donation)
Demolition work (Sanding, patching, painting) Sanding, patching, painting of upper party hall, annexed hall, imam office
Cost: $4,000 labor + $800 of material = $4,800
Demolition work (Opening doors): Opening 3 doors via demolishing brick to annex kitchen to nearby hall and removing debris
Cost: $3,600
Ceramic work (Installation of ceramics in the school area): To install the ceramics in the school area only.
The ceramics were purchased in three portions for $3,110.98 + $110.72 + $2,194.36 = $5,416.06
Cost: $5,416.06
Ceramic work (Remaining flooring) Done by Turkish community
Turkish community volunteered to complete the remaining flooring.
More ceramics, mortar, grout for $1,339.35 + $498.87 = $1,838.22
Cost: $0 (volunteer work)
Vinyl work: The vinyl was donated for the upper hall party area, as well as the hall annexed to the kitchen
Cost: $0 (donation)
Washroom work: The installation of the wall tiles was donated.
The countertops for both washrooms were donated.
The toilet seats, faucets and plumbing work were done via donations.
Wall tiles purchased for $1,178.59, mortar for $565.91, and nickel tips for $158.19. The total cost was $1,902.69.
Cost: $0 (donations)
Drywall work: The drywall to build the wall to create a passage at the side of the masjid to the hall was donated by Afghani and Turkish community
Cost: $0 (donations)
Total cost of interior restorations: $19,557.97