Photos and Videos


Welcome to the Media page for Hyatt Mosque and Center! Here you will find a variety of galleries and videos that showcase the many ways in which our community is active and engaged.

Hyatt Gallery

First up is our Hyatt Gallery which features everything related to the mosque and center outside of the soup kitchen. This includes events, programs, classes, and much more, and can be viewed on our Instagram page,

MSK Gallery

Next, we have the MSK Gallery, which highlights the amazing work of our Muslim Soup Kitchen. This gallery is connected to the Muslim Soup Kitchen Instagram page,


Finally, we have a collection of videos that showcase our organization in action, which can be viewed on the Hyatt Mosque and Center YouTube channel,

Hyatt Fundraising Video

Gülmek sadaka: Volunteer Showcase Video

We hope that these galleries and videos inspire and uplift you, and give you a sense of the wonderful work being done at Hyatt Mosque and Center. Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to share these resources with others!