Welcome to Hyatt Mosque and Center

Our Building

Welcome to Hyatt Mosque and Center, a unique institution in London, Ontario. Hyatt Mosque and Center is a former church, and was acquired in 2015 – and we aim to restore it to it’s former glory after years of neglect. Our 10000 sqft mosque is open for Friday prayer, with a capacity of around 300 worshipers, and we have plans to establish a Sunday school in the new section of the center. The old section, built in 1907, features an antique sanctuary that will be preserved and used for lectures, seminars, and gatherings. It also includes space for six classrooms, as well as a community hall with a seating capacity of around 350 for lectures, meetings, and celebrations.

[…] So compete with one another in doing good! (Quran 5:48)

What distinguishes us as an Islamic institution is our passion for upholding the above Quranic verse, which is demonstrated by our strong relationship with the London community. Our flagship Muslim soup kitchen program, which operates on a weekly basis, connects us with residents of the East of Adelaide community who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Through this program, we foster a culture of learning and connection over our differences. We also work closely with other community groups, including the St. Vincent de Paul society, to promote the unity of good across all cultures and faiths. We celebrate and embrace the diversity that makes our community so vibrant and inclusive.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers and members are known for their humility, open-mindedness, friendliness, and commitment to putting their faith into action. We believe in the power of deeds over words and have built a reputation for getting things done even in difficult situations. All of which is driven by love and compassion for our fellow human beings and gratitude for the love and compassion shown to us by Allah SWT (God, glorified and exalted be He).

Our Mission

As a moderate Muslim religious charity, the Hyatt Mosque and Center is dedicated to serving the community and achieving our CRA-approved purposes of establishing a moderate Islamic place of worship, a weekend Arabic/Islamic school for kids, and a community hall to help the EOA community. We are not affiliated with any political, governmental, or religious-sectarian agendas. Our registration number with Revenue Canada is 840139604RR0001.


A Place For You

Hyatt Mosque and Center is a welcoming, inclusive space for all. Whether you seek worship, education, or community support, we offer something for everyone. Join us and see how we positively impact our community.