*Note: This is a summary of the following article: https://www.searchforbeauty.org/islam-101/submission-to-god/

The concept of submitting to God is central to Islam, as the word itself means submission. Muslims believe that in order to truly submit to God, one must first gain control over oneself and resist the temptations of the ego, desires, and fears. Additionally, Muslims believe that each person is individually accountable to God and should not surrender their autonomy to another human being.

However, submitting to God is not just a matter of obedience or fear of punishment.

It should be rooted in love and a desire for union with the Divine. Muslims who submit to God find fulfillment in their love for God and in the realization that they are directly connected to the Divine.

Unfortunately, some interpretations of Islam have militarized the concept of submission, reducing it to a matter of obedience and power dynamics. This approach limits the potentialities of the Divine and fails to appreciate the infinite and unbounded nature of God.

To truly submit to God is to commit to an endless pursuit of beauty, morality, and perfection. Muslims should strive to discharge their obligations to God by showing kindness, compassion, and mercy towards other people. Ultimately, submitting to God means putting oneself in the service of others and constantly seeking to become more sublime.

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